Who We Are

We’re all united by the fact that we aspire, feel inspired, and develop a wide spectrum of interests. Pursuing these interests requires us to seamlessly transition between office and club, fine dining and bar, and any other setting we may find ourselves in while on the path towards our dreams. This is the struggle of the modern renaissance man, and the foundation of Get NYCE.


Founded in 2009 in New York City, the concept behind the name came from "get nice", a colloquialism the company's founders used while growing up around skateboard culture. The saying represented the pride of an accomplishment, such as landing a difficult trick. As time past, the phrase "get nice" stayed, and became a part of everyday life far and beyond the realm of skateboarding. It became a representation of chasing a goal-driven lifestyle, the motto of the modern day renaissance man and the threads to clothe him.


Ever since, Get NYCE has provided high-grade apparel with clean, contemporary design, and timeless style, fresh for individuals who juggle work, play, and passion. It’s a new age: ante-up your craft, your closet, and Get NYCE.